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Research has shown that these days more than 60% of web browsing  is done on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. In these times of instant gratification users are generally impatient, so if your web site does not load quickly or is difficult to use they will move on to something that grabs their attention and is easier to use. In addition search engines rate sites which are device independent higher in search results than those that are not.
 If your web site not device independent you could possibly be losing valuable business. We can rebuild your web site to make it device independent and also optimize it to improve the number hits your site gets from internet searches.

Standard design

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Have you browsed to your website on your phone?
Does it look like this, truncated, difficult to  read, and cut off?
Do you have to move from sideways as well as up and down to see what it is about?
Then your website is not device friendly and is not a responsive design. 
Would a website like this grab your attention?

responsive design

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This image is from a responsive website design, it is easierr to read and easier to navigate You only have to move up and down to see the correctly proportioned  content.
This website would be more likely to attract your attention.


You could of course do nothing and continue to have a boring website which is not doing much for your business or you  could shoot for the moon and have us redesign your website. Call us and we can chat about what you would want your web site to look like before giving you a quote to rebuild it. 

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